Tara seidel
Tara is an analyst at Goldman Sachs in the Principal Funding & Investments group.
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Tara Seidel

After gaining experiences from multiple finance internships, Tara became aware of the lack of diversity within finance, specifically in private equity. With this, the Pipeline was born. In her spare time, Tara can be found running in Central Park, or deep inside a book.

Why pipeline?

We asked ourselves - "Okay, I believe in diversity, but how do I take an active hand in making a difference in that?"  Calling out the lack of diversity and providing free resources to educate and empower diverse students seemed like a damn good place to start.

dylan avery
Dylan is an Investment Professional at a +$3bn emerging markets private equity firm.
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Dylan Avery

Originally from New Zealand, Dylan has spent time living and conducting business across the globe, providing a unique insight into the power of working with diverse groups of people. Coming from a "non-traditional background" into private markets, Dylan sees the benefits of his previous experiences and is working toward empowering more diverse individuals to join private markets. In his spare time, Dylan can be found tinkering with and riding motorcycles.