Mission Statement

The philosophy behind Pipeline is simple; diversity is better. Better for equality and better for investing.

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Increasing Diversity in Private Markets


Changing the Narrative around Private Markets

Democratizing Access to Information on the Private Markets

Breaking it down: 

Changing the Narrative around Private Markets

The Private Markets need a new PR agent. Either people don't understand it or have a negative perception of it. Why does this matter? Well, educating the general public on the Private Markets is a great way to tackle the diversity issue in the industry. So what? If people don't know about or understand the industry they won't consider it as a potential career path which limits the pool of diverse candidates applying to the industry. The same logic applies for those who have heard of the industry but have a negative perception of it and misunderstand the positive impact they could have in choosing a career in Private Markets. Read more about negative perception here (link to warren article.)

So why are the Private Markets important?

      1) Globally, the Private Markets represent $7.3 trillion of assets under management. In the US alone, Private Equity, only one part of the greater Private Markets, accounts for nearly 5% of American GDP and employs 9 million Americans. With such a significant impact on the economy it should be more commonly understood. Moreover the Private Markets help to support small businesses. In the first half of 2020 despite the global pandemic and economic uncertainty, Private Equity committed $252 billion to 1,847 companies of which 718 were small businesses with less than 500 employees. The goal of Private Markets investors is to provide access to capital and in some cases operational and strategic expertise to bolster companies and help them run more efficiently and effectively. Understanding the profound impact of the Private Markets on the economy explains why we think it's important for people to know more about it.

        2) The general public should know more about Private Markets because the investors in Private Markets are pension funds, insurance funds and endowments. Returns from the Private Markets support the financial security of millions of average Americans that rely on pensions, insurance, endowments and foundations. The segments outperformance verses Public Markets helps provide retirement security to millions, makes college a reality for more students and funds charitable causes.

How are we changing the narrative around Private Markets?

At Pipeline we don’t believe the Private Markets should remain a mystery - so we’re leveraging social media platforms to reach people where they already are. We do this by educating and entertaining our growing community through a mix of educational materials, memes and market updates. The benefit of our approach is that we’re able to pique an interest in the younger generation while building a community of the next generation of investors.

While it's important to change the narrative around the Private Markets we also need to provide the necessary tools to help those interested in the Private Markets to actually secure a job within the industry.

Democratizing access to information on the Private Markets.

In order to succeed in an interview for a firm in the Private Markets you need to have a thorough understanding of investing and will typically be asked to complete a case study. A thorough understanding and learning how to model a LBO for a case study aren't things you would be taught in college. While you can find resources online to acquire the skills to succeed in an interview, they are often expensive and can be low quality. At Pipeline, we believe in democratizing access to information and so we decided to provide high quality resources to equip you with the skills to break into the industry entirely for free.

Through changing the narrative around the Private Markets and democratizing access to information on the Private Markets we hope to increase diversity in the industry.

Lastly, a pipeline has two ends - one requiring a diverse pool of candidates willing and prepared to work in the Private Markets.  And the other, requiring a willing and able firm to actively recruit from a more diverse pool.  It’s our mission to educate and bring both ends together, making the Pipeline.

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